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Border Collie Walking Stick


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Border Collie Walking Stick

Hand carved from lime, mounted on a brass collar and hazel shank.  Finished with a brass ferule.


All the carvings I do are unique and hand carved from one piece of wood to your specification.  The examples shown are commissioned work that I have done in the past,  although there may be one or two examples in stock, contact me for availability.  If  the stick you wish to purchase is not in stock, the average waiting time is 8 to 12 weeks.

Carved Sticks … aka… sporting sticks, sportsman’s sticks… The perfect gift for shooting enthusiasts! 

I carve a range of birds heads and mammal heads that can be mounted on a stick I also make antler sticks and wooden crooks.  The sticks are well made and have sturdy shanks.  They make perfect unique Christmas presents, birthday presents and great thank you gifts.

Perfect for agricultural shows, shooting, hunting, walking, farming.

The animal sticks and sculptures are carved using a variety of hard and soft woods.  The head of the walking stick  is carved from one block of wood. I sometimes use horn to make the horns, beak or ears on certain carvings. It is then painted or burnt using a pyrograph machine to get the fine details, then varnished for durability.  I then mount the stick on to a brass collar and hazel shank.  The final procedure is to lacquer the stick.

Every carving is unique and hand carved by myself, it can be personalised to meet your individual specifications.

Most sticks are now made to order, I do however have some in stock so please contact me and I will be able to let you know.

********** The perfect Birthday or Christmas gift **********

Walking Sticks


The sticks can be personalised. Using a pyrograph machine your name or initials can be burnt on to the stick head. Alternatively the brass collar can be engraved ( This must be done at time of ordering).

Brass Collar

Each carved walking stick head is mounted on a brass collar which can be engraved at an additional cost of £20.  This must be requested on ordering. The collar can not be engraved once the walking stick is complete.


The sticks are an approximate length of 53 inches from the ferrule to the top of the head.    Please specify when placing an order if you require a specific length.


The walking stick heads are mounted mainly on straightened hazel shanks but I can mount them on chestnut or ash as to your preference.  They are all  finished off with a brass Ferrule.


All my walking sticks are made to a high standard using good strong quality wood, however  they are for stabilisation purposes only and should not be relied upon as a medical aid.


Wood Sculptures

I have recently started to carve sculptures I thoroughly enjoy working on these although as you can imagine they take much much longer than a walking stick so finding the time to do one is tricky!

My first piece was a grouse hand carved from a block of lime.  I decided that it was well worth the time it took to carve and rather eagerly started planning my next project.  There are a number of hand carved bird statues on my website. Moorland bird carvings are my favourite to do so there is quite a biased selection at present but please feel free to contact me if there is something you would like to be commissioned.


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Engraved Brass Collar